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School Policies

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Uniform Policy Uniform (PDF) [11MB] (opens new window)

Promoting Positive Relationship Policy PRP (opens new window)

Homework PolicyEqualities Policy


School Improvement Planning 2023-2024

2022-2023 S&Q (opens new window)2022-2023 Standards and Quality Report
2023-2024 School Improvement Plan (opens new window)2023-2024 School Improvement Plan
PEF 23-24 (opens new window)2023- 2024 Pupil Equity Information
COSD 23-24 (opens new window)2023-2024 Cost of the School Day Action Statement


School Improvement Planning 2022-2023

S&Q 2022-2023 (Evaluation of Academic Session 2021-2022) (PDF) [433KB] (opens new window) 2021-2022 Standards and Quality Report
BA SIP (PDF) [650KB] (opens new window) 2022-2023 School Improvement Plan
 2022- 2023 Pupil Equity Information
Poverty Proofing 2022-2023 (PDF) [164KB] (opens new window) 2022-2023 Poverty Proofing