Throughout our work we encourage students to explore and think about how Technology has informed and enhanced our everyday lives.

In S1 and S2 our students follow a course that is designed to develop key practical and theoretical skills in the workshop and computer labs. All pupils explore the impact that technology has on the development of human civilisation and how our ability to engineer solutions is forever changing. In S3 students begin to specialise into a particular area of technology (the use of tools and materials, design and engineering). Skills development is at the forefront of each course in order to fully prepare pupils for their future study. By creating more depth of skill and knowledge in S3, we aim to raise pupils' awareness and understanding of how technology plays a vital role in our lives as well as stimulating a lifelong interest in technology.

From S4-S6 pupils choose from a range of courses as part of the suite of National Qualifications. Pupils experience a range of activities, both theoretical and practical and are well supported by the faculty staff. Pupils are encouraged to use the resources issued in class and those available through links on the school website to consolidate their learning at home when appropriate.