Pupils in all year groups have the opportunity to participate in reward events if they have fulfilled a number of varying criteria. These include good behaviour, attendance, completion of homework, supported study and participation in house events or extra curricular activities.  A full list of the criteria for each your group and the planned dates of these rewards trips can be viewed by clicking on the link opposite when finalised. 



The merit scheme is a way of rewarding the majority of our students who work hard, do their best and take part in the life of our school.

All pupils start at 0 and are then awarded a merit by the class teacher where appropriate.

Merits can also be awarded by staff who do not teach a particular pupil, for example for helping in the corridor or with a task outwith the classroom.


Merit Rewards

At regular intervals a merit list will be produced which will show those pupils who have achieved benchmarks in terms of numbers of merits achieved. The merit list will be published on the school website and there will be rewards for merit pupils.