It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Bathgate Academy website.


The community of Bathgate is rightly proud of its Academy and the many current and former pupils that have passed through its doors over the years.

As Head Teacher I am delighted to be part of this community and rightly take pride in ensuring the school embodies the high standards and community values that we all deem important.

Central to my personal values and vision is a desire that every member of our school community feels happy, valued and respected. I believe our school community is built upon a culture of continuous learning that instils in young people a quest for learning throughout their lives. The future by nature is unpredictable. We have now seen first-hand the need for our education system to develop resilient, adaptable and flexible young people ready to be responsive throughout their lives.

I have high expectations for our young people and expect them to be positive, responsible and to be active role models for others within our school community. Those same high expectations I also place on myself and my school colleagues with key professional values based on social justice, trust, respect and integrity very much at the heart of what it means to be a member of staff at Bathgate Academy.

Our school vision 'Educating our young people, in a spirit of enquiry, to judge wisely, act fairly and live well' as a fundamental goal that we all support. Together, in partnership, we can inspire our young people to be curious and aspirational whilst developing an awareness of the world we live in and the importance of their place in it.

Kindness, Ambition and Respect are our school values. These are the values that we see in action across our community and which support our learners now, through their school education, and prepare them for their futures.  These values support our young people to develop a sense of who they are and what they can become.

I invite you to browse the pages of this website. I am sure you will feel the positive ethos and supportive culture that exists at Bathgate Academy!

Best Wishes

Eileen Paxton