Every member of staff in our school has a duty to ensure our pupils are safe.  

As a Rights Respecting School we acknowledge that

  • Children must be kept safe from violence and they must be kept safe from harm. They must be given proper care by those looking after them 
  • Children and young people have a right to express a view about things that affect them.

‚ÄčThe United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, Articles 19 & 12.

In addition, The Children (Scotland) Act 1995 ensures children's welfare and rights are central, and makes it a duty for any adult having care and control of a child to act in a child's best interests.

All school staff take part in annual Child Protection training.  

This training includes sharing of the Edinburgh & Lothians Child Protection Guidelines which staff must follow if someone shares a concern or allegation with them or if they themselves have a concern over a young person's safety or welfare.


Bathgate Academy Child Protection Policy

This policy supports us in ensuring we follow Edinburgh and Lothians Child Protection Procedures.

In addition, this document provides information for staff and parents.

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