Online Safety at Home have provided home activity packs via their website.   The packs, for age groups from Early years learning right through to S6 can be downloaded from

Dealing with COVID-19: new articles for parents and carers

To help families through lockdown and social distancing, new articles on Parent Info tackle some of the key issues they are experiencing, including:

Tips on how to keep your children safe online

The ITV News website contains a helpful and informative guide about keeping your children safe online.   It includes information such as talking to children about online safety, securing devices, search engines and browsers.   There is also a handy guide to using privacy settings on social media, advice for children about their online activity and warning signs for parents to look out for regarding online grooming.

Please visit the  News page on the ITV website for more information

Thinkuknow parents and carers website...

This is a fairly new website for parents and carers.  It is a source of information, tips and advice for parents and carers specifically focussed on online child sexual abuse and sexual exploitation.

It aims to support all parents and carers, from those who need advice on how to protect their children, to those who are concerned about something that is happening right now.

The site also provides advice for parents of children who have suffered sexual abuse.

You can find this by visiting Think You Know and following the link to the parent/carer section.  


ParentInfo is a free service for schools which provides expert, up-to-date content for parents and carers.

The content is written by leading authorities on a wide range of topics including online safety, sex and relationships, health and wellbeing and family life. Each article aims to help parents develop their children's resilience against the risks they may face online or off. If you wish to register, then you should visit Parent Info Website. 

Impact of screen time on children

There are a number of benefits to the use of technology such as:

  • Giving children access to a wealth of information to build their knowledge.
  • taking away physical barriers to social connections making children less isolated
  • improves children's learning and development
  • Online games enhance teamwork and creativity

There are, however a few disadvantages if technology is overused such as:

  • the effect on behaviour: constant use of a device can be habit forming and encourage children to spend longer on screens.
  • the effect on sleep: blue light from phones can trick the brain into thinking it's still daylight, making it difficult to sleep
  • the effect on the brain: it can make children more forgetful as they rely on things like Google, GPS and Calendar alerts to look up information. have produced an information leaflet, which offers information, guidance and strategies for parent's / carers on how to encourage their children not to spend too long on devices.  Internet Matters Screen Time Guide [187.72KB]