National Improvement Framework

The National Improvement Framework for Scottish education is an ambitious strategy to help all children to achieve their full potential as successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors. The Framework sets out how evidence is gathered to inform action, making sure that we are all focused on improving standards for our children, and in our schools, including Bathgate Academy

The National Improvement Framework priorities and therefore our priorities are

• to improve attainment for all, particularly in literacy and numeracy

• to improve the learning progress of every child, by reducing inequality

in education

• to improve children and young people's health and wellbeing

• to improve employability skills and sustained positive school leaver

destinations for all young people.


Drawn from international research, six areas for improvement have been identified. These can be seen in the diagram above.  New evidence will be gathered in all of these and as a school we are tasked to evidence this.


Children and young people's learning, their opportunities when they leave school and their health and wellbeing will improve when


• children make progress in their learning, taking ownership of it and understanding their next steps

• parents/carers are involved in their children's learning and know how to help them

• high quality teaching and excellent classroom practice are delivered consistently and teachers know how to help all children make progress

• school leadership is strong

• children, parents, teachers, head teachers, local and national government and partners all have a clear understanding of what successful learning and teaching looks like

• all participants in education at national, local, school and family level have the same priorities, use the same assessments at key points and share information openly.