To achieve this, we ask ourselves three key questions which lie at the heart of our self-evaluation. These are:

  • How well are we doing?
  • How do we know?
  • What are we going to do now?

To answer these 3 questions we use what we term our 'Quality Improvement Framework' (QIF) which is based around an operational 'framework of activities' and 9 strategic approaches to self-evaluation which are undertaken at all levels.

The principles underpinning our QIF include:

  • placing the learner at the centre of the process
  • a climate of questioning and reflection in striving for the best possible outcome for every learner
  • ensuring a joined up and planned approach to improvement
  • supporting teachers to recognise, learn from and consistently apply existing good practice and have opportunities for learning in context                                              
  • make best use of a range of quantitative and qualitative information to inform and support decision making and action at all levels
  • ensure career long professional learning and access to educational research for staff leads to an improvement in practice that impacts positively on learners
  • support and challenge staff, learners, relevant partners and stakeholders
  • allow for flexibility and anticipate challenges, respond to needs and seek action-orientated positive solutions.

Our Quality Improvement Framework can be found in the download section: