Our new dress code officially launches in August 2022. 

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Our expectations are that all young people arrive at school ready for the year ahead and part of the readiness is to follow our dress code which has been agreed across our school community.

All pupils should wear a shirt, tie and appropriate black bottoms from the agreed range within our school dress code.

School hoodies, zippers and jumpers are now part of our dress code and available to purchase. These items are acceptable to be worn with a Shirt and Tie not instead of. Plain black hoodies/zippers/jumpers are acceptable - no logos/brands.

Please note a school bag is also part of our school expectations to ensure learners are prepared for learning, bring necessary resources and are able to store their personal belongings during lessons.

Physical Education

Pupils should bring a change of footwear for PE and wear appropriate clothing for the activity that they are working on. Activities can be indoors or outdoors so preparing for the weather is important.

Please note the following:

  • PE clothes must be different from those worn to school. An acceptable choice for PE is Jogging bottoms/shorts and t-shirt.
  • No football colours.
  • During PE lessons all jewellery must be removed and long hair tied back.

Wellbeing Exceptions

Our uniform expectation allows broad and accessible options for all of our young people giving every opportunity for an acceptable 'workplace' uniform to be worn. The school can offer uniform items to pupils and families as part of our equity interventions. Temporary Infringements to our uniform code will be dealt with sensitively and we will be sympathetic to specific wellbeing issues around the wearing of uniform for identified individuals. If required, we will ask for parental/carer support thereby promoting equity of approach across our school.

If you believe your child requires a uniform exception based on wellbeing concerns you can request this here or by getting in touch with your child's House Leader: Uniform Exemption Request Form

Bathgate Academy Uniform Information