The Expressive Arts faculty provides opportunities for all pupils to experience the inspiration and power of the arts by recognising and nurturing creative and aesthetic talents. It provides the opportunity for creative thinking and application of skills through a wide range of stimulating contexts.

The Expressive Arts faculty consists of Art & Design, Drama and Music offering a choice of courses which provide a range of progression pathways.

The Expressive Arts faculty consists of the following members of staff:

Art & Design

  • Sophie Monaghan
  • Georgina Scott
  • Mark Lawrence
  • Daryl McKee


  • Mandy Fagan
  • Sameena Wright
  • Rod Young (PTC)


  • Christopher Sherry
  • Lindsey McGhee
  • Murray Gourdie (Brass)
  • Neil Humphrey (Guitar)
  • Sarah Naish (Percussion)
  • Claire Wilson (Woodwind)