The Humanities Faculty encompasses the curricular areas of Social Studies and RME. Subjects taught within the Humanities Faculty include: GeographyHistoryModern StudiesPhilosophyPolitics,and Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies. Humanities courses are popular with pupils throughout the school and uptake at certificated levels is high. Such popularity can be attributed, we believe, to the positive relationships staff build with pupils and to the climate of learning that pervades classes across the faculty.


The Head of Faculty is Dr E. Marsh supported by 2 Principal Teachers of Humanities; Mr R. Anderson and Ms A. McQuade


The faculty is comprised of nine members of staff:


Mr R. Anderson (Modern Studies)

Ms G. Clark (History)

Mrs R. Dandie (Geography, Modern Studies)

Ms C. Davidson (Geography)

Dr E. Marsh (Philosophy, RMPS)

Miss A. McQuade (History, Modern Studies)

Mr R. Coutts (Modern Studies, Politics)

Ms J. Stalker (Philosophy, RMPS)

Mrs E. Williamson (History)